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Our company is based on the belief that our blueberries are the sweetest in the Mississippi Delta, HECK, maybe anywhere.

Our normal harvest season is the first day of June through the second week in July. GOD takes a big hand in that time frame and we will keep everyone up to date on this ABOUT US page. Always visit this site before making plans to come to our field to pick your own. Rain closes the field until the bushes can dry again.



General Information:

7/29/21 This weekend will mark the end of this fabulous Roebuck Blues Blueberry season with you all. Come get the last of the fresh berries for 2021!

7/22/21 Field road open.

7/20/21 Rains have continued.

7/18/21 Field road closed. Walkers welcome!

7/13/21 Field road open.  

7/10/21 Field road closed. 

6/23/21 Field road open. Cooler day! 

6/21/21 Field road temporarily closed due to rain. Walkers welcome!

6/13/21 Field road open. Thanks y'all! 

6/7/21 Field road temporarily closed due to rain. Walkers always welcome. We are enjoying seeing the rolling carts and backpacks as folks incorporate their daily walks and blueberry picking!  General Information: h

6/3/21 Season Opener, Saturday, June 5th at sunrise. We'll see you in the fields! Thank y'all!  

05/19/21 With 4 varieties available as soon as the season opens, let's all start cleaning our coolers and getting our day packs ready for the harvesting in the blueberry fields! We will post our opening date as soon as ripening allows. The price per pound will remain at $2 lb and hours are still sunset to sunrise. We'll see you soon in the fields!


07/17/20 This will be the last weekend the berry fields will be open for picking this year.  It will remain open until Thursday 07/23.  The Powder Blue blueberries still have lots of berries so come and get your stash for the winter!  They will be gone soon.  We hope to see you there this weekend! Do keep an eye out for those pop up thunderstorms please, the road will close if it rains this weekend or upcoming week.

07/11/20 The sun has made a welcome reappearance!! The road to the berry fields will be open today at noon and remain open until the next rain.  Thank you for your continued support and stamina walking the road, during this rainy berry season.  The Powder Blue blueberries are the variety that is full right now and they are in the lower field on the rows with no flag.  Enjoy the picking!!

6/29/20 Well there was  very little in between the rains time this past week.  Yesterday proved to be an excellent day for drying the road though and today the road is open! :)  Please come and enjoy!

6/24/20 Road and fields open this morning in between rains.  Thank you for your enthusiasm!!

6/11/20 Road and fields open at noon. See you on this great day for picking Roebuck blueberries! If you need some general information please see our May 30th Fb post at  Thank y'all!

6/10/20 Foot traffic closed. Road remains closed due to extensive rains.  

06/07/20 As it turns out drying conditions were great today! We will open the road to the fields at noon.  Thank you for your understanding, patience and patronage!

06/06/20 Road to field is closed until Monday June 8 at this point.  You are welcome to come and park at the beginning of the turn road by the buildings and stroll on down to the fields to pick.  Boots are a great idea and please remember to take water and stay hydrated! Like our facebook page Roebuck Plantation featuring Roebuck Blues Blueberries and check it any time for up to date information.

05/29/20  We will be open for the season starting Saturday June 6 for 2020!! Please remember to practice social distancing and that the road does close when it rains.  We cannot wait to see you there!:)

06/07/19 Roads closed due to rain. Anticipate opening 06/10. Please do come again!!

05/24/19 Pick Your Own opens Saturday June 1 for 2019 - the harvest looks bountiful so do bring your family and enjoy the calming environment picking berries!

06/04/18 The fields open to Pick your own for the harvest season of 2018.

07/6/2014. The Fourth of July celebration continued on into our field and through the weekend. It was our closing weekend this year. I wish they could all be as memorable.

Orders for local deliveries of our hand picked blueberries was brisk and intense. I hope everyone got as many as they needed. Interesting note on our prices versus the grocery store prices. We sold our that day fresh picked berries for $12.50 per gallon and at the same time the local groceries were selling them, at least a week old, for $100.00 per gallon.

We will now be closed until harvest season of 2015.

Hard to believe that will be our 27th year.

06/10/2014 Two days of heavy heavy rain and wind. We will have the field closed till Thursday

6/12/2014 Due to the poor condition of the roads and field.

06/06/2014 Opening day was grand with great weather and so many families coming out to pick their own berries.

05/26/2014 Our first variety is starting to show some blue color but it is running behind last years maturity time due to cool nights.

It appears that we will have fruit for pick your own groups about Saturday June 7th 2014. Please check back here for an update should that date be changed.

10/21/2013 Fall colors are hitting the plants now with each cooler morning gaining more oranges and purples. Fruit set seems to be good.

07/15/2013 We began today pruning all our plants. They will be reduced from a height of 12 feet down to 5 feet. They had grown so big in one year that our mechanical harvester had a difficult time going over them and picking them. We may lose up to 30% of our annual harvest by doing this but the big boys were unmanageable

06/28/2013 Pick your own will continue till 07/14/2013 when we plan to close. As of today we have stopped taking orders for our hand picked fresh blueberries to be delivered to local homes and offices. I hope everyone got as many as they wanted

this year.

06/22/2013 Today we had a group of 4 young men from a local baptist church pick a large quantity of berries. They said they were taking them home and cleaning and bagging them for the elderly widow ladies of their church to give to them this Sunday. What a nice group of young men!!

06/17/2013 The fields will be closed till Thursday 06/20/2013 due to 2 inches of rain this morning. The road to the field is impassable.

We will have a pick your own price of only $2.00 per pound, so bring family and friends and have a great time. They freeze so well for storage there is no reason not to take advantage of such a great price and put away enough for all year.

From our family to yours, ENJOY!


56321 County Road 555 Sidon, Ms. 38954


Sunrise to Sunset.

Maintained Port-O-Let available.